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Information on the 2020 International Congress for Neuroethology in Lisbon, Portugal

The Program Committee is now soliciting proposals for symposia for the 2020 ICN meeting in Lisbon. 

Symposia will include 4 speakers and be two hours in length, including 5 minutes for introductory remarks, 20 minutes per talk and 5 minutes for questions following each talk. Please note that although symposium speakers need not be members of ISN, symposium organizers must be members. We anticipate having up to 12 symposia.

Proposals are due 1 May 2019. They will be reviewed by the Program Committee on the basis of the criteria listed below, with final decisions made by 30 June 2019.


Proposal Criteria

The basic criteria for symposia include:

· The topic should be novel, timely, and interesting to a broad range of neuroethologists. Applications that incorporate innovative approaches and analyses for the study of the neural bases of behavior are encouraged.

· The topic and proposed speakers should not duplicate or substantially overlap symposia presented at the meeting in Brisbane (2018). The program committee will also give priority to those proposals that do not overlap with the 2019 Gordon Research Conference in Neuroethology.

· The proposed list of speakers should represent a good balance between established and new investigators, have an equitable representation with regard to gender and under-represented groups, and reflect the international diversity of ISN.

Proposal Content

Please include the following information in your 1-page proposal:

1.     Name and affiliation of symposium Chair.

2.     The title and goal of the proposed symposium. Please specify the extent to which your symposium contributes an innovative and/or integrative view to the neuroethological research.

3.     The basic theme or area the symposium represents.

4.     A list of the proposed speakers and a brief (1 sentence) statement of how their work fits into the topic of the symposium.

5.     A short (2-3 sentences) statement of how the symposium meets the criteria listed above.

6.     A statement as to which of the proposed speakers has agreed to participate.

Please be aware that the Program Committee may suggest revisions to ensure the kinds of diversity and non-duplication issues suggested above. Symposium chairs should not make commitments to speakers regarding financial support. Although we will work to raise funds for the conference, no promises can be made at this time.

Submission of Proposals

Please email your proposal by 1 May 2019 to both Program Committee Co-chairs and Please submit the proposal as a pdf attachment.

2018 Congress for Neuroethology

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