Membership in the International Society for Neuroethology

Become a Member of the International Society for Neuroethology

Neurethology is a unique and growing study. Your membership to the ISN not only lets you connect with other professionals who share common interests and passions but helps to support the growing field of neurethology

Membership benefits include:

  • Substantially reduced member registration rates for the next International Congress.
  • Eligibility for travel awards, Young Investigator awards, prizes, fellowships, research awards, and honors.
  • Right to vote in society matters.
  • Receive ISN newsletters that feature the latest news in neuroethology, new job posts in the field, ISN-sponsored courses and lectureships.
  • Free ads for recruitment of academic, postdoctoral, and graduate job opportunities on the ISN website and newsletter.
  • Discounts on journal subscriptions to the Journal of Comparative Physiology A and the Journal of Experimental Biology
  • Bullock Visiting Lecture Program
  • Right to organize symposia/mini conference and congresses.

Become a part of a vibrant international scientific society dedicated to research on the neural mechanisms of natural behaviors. 

Membership types:

Membership in the ISN runs on a calendar year from January 1 to December 31, with payments for two years; other than the lifetime membership.

Regular Members: This is a two-year membership. Benefits include the right to vote and hold office in the Society.

Life Members. Regular members may opt to convert to life membership by paying the one-time dues established for this category of membership. Life members enjoy the same privileges accorded to regular members.

Special Members. Scientists qualified for regular membership but unable, owing to economic and/or political conditions in their countries of residence, to pay regular dues. Applications for this category of membership shall be judged by the Executive Committee on a case-by-case basis, with respect to published lists of developing and economically disadvantaged nations. Dues of Special Members may be paid on a voluntary basis by other members of the ISN, or may be waived by the Executive Committee. Special members may vote and hold office in the Society.

Post-doctoral Members. Individuals who are not faculty members and express an interest in the purpose of the Society.  Post-doctoral members may only vote for the early-career representatives on the Council (PhD students/Post-doctoral fellows).

Student Members. Undergraduate or graduate students doing research interested in the purpose of the Society. Student membership shall terminate at the end of the calendar year in which student status terminates, at which time such individuals become eligible for post-doctoral or regular membership according to the same criteria and procedures that apply to other scientists. Student members may only vote for the early-career representatives on Council (PhD students/Post-doctoral fellows). *Student membership rates are exceptionally low ($40 for a two-years) and offer great value (access to travel awards and research funding).

Emeritus Members. Regular and special members who are retired from their primary positions and who have been active members of the Society for at least 10 years may apply for emeritus membership. Emeritus members enjoy the same privileges accorded to regular members but are no longer required to pay dues.  For Emeritus membership please submit a written request to Terry Leatherman at