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Capranica Prize

The winner of the 2016 Capranica Prize is Tatsuo Okubo (MIT) for his paper entitled Growth and splitting of neural sequences in songbird vocal development",  Tatsuo S. Okubo, Emily L. Mackevicius, Hannah L. Payne, Galen F. Lynch, and  Michaela S. Fee, published in 2015 in Nature.

Warmest congratulations to Tatsuo!

Past winners:

  • 1987: Anne M. Schneiderman
  • 1988: William N. Frost
  • 1989: Caroly A. Shumway
  • 1990: Russell F. Huffman
  • 1991: Michael S. Brainard
  • 1992: Ginger S. Withers
  • 1993: Laura C. Streichert
  • 1994: Eric T. Vu
  • 1995: Ari Berkowitz
  • 1996: Michael B. Ferrari
  • 1997: Christopher L. Passaglia
  • 1998: Kenneth C. Catania
  • 1999: John E. Lewis
  • 2000: Anthony Leonardo
  • 2001 Joseph A. Sisneros
  • 2002 Daphne Soares
  • 2003 Jörg Oestreich
  • 2004 Claire N. Balint
  • 2005: Mimi H. Kao
  • 2006: DaYu Lin
  • 2007: Kevin L. Briggman
  • 2008: Marcos Gridi-Papp & Stanley Heinze
  • 2009: Simon Peron & Aaron Andalman
  • 2011: Paloma T. Gonzalez-Bellido
  • 2012: Michael Yartsev
  • 2013: Lauren O'Connell
  • 2014: Josh Lillvis
  • 2015: Arseny Finkelstein

Information about the Prize

The Capranica Neuroethology Prize is named in honor of Robert and Patricia Capranica to provide an annual cash prize for recognition of outstanding achievement or future promise in the field of neuroethology.

The prize consisting of $1,000 (US) will be awarded to a promising young investigator who is the author of a paper published on line or in print during the previous calendar year, which is judged to be the most outstanding in terms of scientific significance in the field of neuroethology on the basis of criteria including: novelty of the scientific discovery, implications for scientific technical advancement, or importance for advancement of knowledge. The student must be first author on the submitted paper and must have played a major role in the inception and execution of the study. A secondary consideration shall be the accomplishments of the investigator such as other papers published, awards earned, leadership in societies and student organizations.

Eligible candidates must be either graduate students or postdoctoral trainees who have received their doctoral degree within the previous five years. Either the nominee or the advisor must be a member of ISN.

Applicants should submit (either by postal mail or by e-mail in PDF format) a brief statement of their qualifications and the significance of their published paper, a copy of the paper, a curriculum vitae, and a letter of reference from their graduate or postdoctoral advisor that details the role of the applicant in the published study as well as the overall accomplishments of the young investigator. The cash prize will be awarded to the recipient and their name will be announced at the next International Congress of Neuroethology. Applications for the 2017 award are no longer being accepted.  The deadline for consideration for the 2018 award is April 30, 2018. All materials must reach the ISN office by April 30, 2018.

Inquiries, as well as all application materials, should be addressed to:

Capranica Prize Selection Committee
International Society for Neuroethology
P.O. Box 1897
Lawrence, KS 66044, USA
Email address:

Selection of the recipient of the Prize will be based entirely on scientific merit, irrespective of race, creed, sex, age, or nationality. Donations to the fund supporting this Prize are welcome; please contact the above address.

Capranica Prize Selection Committee