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Heiligenberg Student Travel Awards
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Heiligenberg Student Travel Awards are awarded annually to qualified students who wish to present work in the field of neuroethology at national and international scientific meetings. Six awards or more (depending on the availability of funds) are available each year. The awards may cover expenses such as travel to and from the conference site, the conference registration fee, and/or housing costs up to a total of $750. Funds are provided in the form of reimbursements for expenses verified with receipts.

The highest priorities will be the International Congress for Neuroethology (ICN) and Gordon Research Conference (GRC) in Neuroethology: Behavior, Evolution, and Neurobiology. Applications to attend other pertinent conferences, however, are also welcomed.

The award is given in honor of Walter Heiligenberg, who was a distinguished neuroethologist, and a pioneer in the field. Walter made seminal contributions to understanding the neural mechanisms underlying the jamming avoidance response of weakly electric fish.

Qualifications: Both the student and the student’s mentor must be ISN members by the deadline of application (to be decided by the selection committee). Applicants must be registered graduate students at a university, and must plan on presenting their work at the conference. Priorities will be given to applicants who have demonstrated academic excellence and research potential as evidenced by the abstract of the work to be presented and the recommendation letters. Applicants with demonstrated financial need also will be considered for these awards. Preference will be given to applicants who have not previously received this award.

Applications are no longer being accepted for 2017. The next deadline for applications is April 30, 2018. Results will be announced in time to use the funds for the 2018 Congress in Brisbane, which will be the focus of the 2018 awards, but applicants should take care to observe the regular registration and abstract submission deadlines. To apply, fill out the application form below and have letters of recommendation from two ISN members submitted to Terry Leatherman at tleatherman@allenpress.com

Click here to download an HSTA Application Form.
 Please complete and return the application form and supporting documents by April 30, 2018.

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2016 Heiligenberg Student Travel Award winners

Morgane Nouvian                                                           
University of Queensland, Australia


Anna Stockl                                                        
Lund University, Sweden


Darcy Gordon                                                   
Boston University


Michaela Warnecke                                                       
Johns Hopkins University


Martin Klappenbach                                                      
University of Buenos Aires


Theo Robert                                                      
University of Exeter


Pedro Jacob                                                       
University of Cambridge