Educational Resources and Opportunities for Neuroethologists

The ISN is committed to promoting education in Neuroethology at the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-graduate levels.  To this aim, we sponsor courses in Neuroethology, provide essays on topics in Neuroethology, and share educational content.  We also sponsor the Bullock Visiting Lecturer Program.

Technical Essays

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Behavioral Neurobiology of Invertebrates 2019

This 5-week course will focus on learning techniques in neurobiological research such as behavioral recording and analysis, electrophysiology of intact and reduced preparations, voltage clamp and pharmacology, immunohistochemistry, and confocal microscopy of neural structures.

We will discuss and examine the cellular aspects of neurobiology and the nervous control of behavior. We will examine the current understanding of the cellular mechanisms that underlie behavior, with a focus on marine invertebrates. The main emphasis, however, will be hands-on experience with research techniques such as electrophysiology, immunolabeling, histology and microscopy, and behavioral analysis; then using these techniques to conduct a novel research project using marine invertebrates.

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Books published by ISN members.

Arthropod Brains Evolution
Functional Elegance, and Historical Significance 
Nicholas James Strausfeld
Harvard University Press.

Frontiers in Sensing
From Biology to Engineering
F.G. Barth, J.A. Humprey, and M.V. Srinisvasan (Eds)
Springer Verlag

Sensory Perception
Mind and Matter
F.G. Barth, P. Giampieri-Deutsch, H.-D. Klein
Springer Verlag

Nerve Cells and Animal Behaviour
P. Simmons, D. Young
Cambridge University Press

Governing Behavior
Ari Berkowitz
Harvard University Press

The Bullock Visiting Lecturer Program

The Bullock Visiting Lecture Program supports lecturers to various international, national or regional meetings (e.g., Gottingen Neurobiology meetings, annual meetings of the Society for Neuroscience, Nerve Net meetings, etc.) at which significant amounts of neuroethology research is presented. These lectures are named after Ted Bullock to recognize his significant contributions to neuroethology and to honor him as the founding president of the ISN. To apply for a Bullock visiting lecture, please contact Terry Leatherman (  Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by need and resources available.